Technique: it is my aim, or rather my desire, to paint in textile. At first sight, and even at second, it is not immediately clear that the work is sewn.  I work from pictures that I have taken myself, which is of critical importance.

The base is cotton, upon which the ground layer is applied by means of cut pieces of fabric in about the right color and shape (see ground layer) . On this ground the work is “painted” on the sewing machine, mainly using a zig-zag stitch, using transparent fabrics like tulle for shades and nuances. During the work the canvas becomes thicker and stiffer.

I pursue on purpose a precise and natural reproduction, to which the material does not really lend itself. It is a challenge to realize that nevertheless, and a time-consuming activity, if only for the need to constantly take the work from the sewing machine, in order to look at it from a distance. It takes me about half a year to accomplish a piece.